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Aurelio is only seven years old, but his hyperactive imagination has given him more adventures than most men have in a life time. Now though, he must hide his rapidly growing intellect from others or face the greatest curse of childhood: growing up.

Straight out of a child’s imaginings, young John is a simple, everyday son-of-a-tailor. So he must use his wits more than weapons when he is sent on an errand in the woods.

Some people are just born smart. But Prodigy wasn’t just born: she was made. Fighting to reconcile her birthright as a genius freak with the normal life she wants, the young Texan will do whatever plotting it takes to find an actual affectionate relationship.

The only thing worse than living in Essex is working in a rejuvenation centre. Sam may have been a therapist for years, but this couple may just stretch his patience past breaking. Living forever has its drawbacks.

Caught up in a crime that destroys transportation as humans know it, Kæus Taylor must not only battle angry looks on the streets and blame from his coworkers—he must resolve his own tumult over the morality of ending lives to save others.

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Second Edition
5.5x8.5, Paperback - Perfect Laminate Gloss, Crème Matte (50#), b&w interior, 90 pages