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Author Sasha Laghonh reveals seasoned tips to assist individuals and entrepreneurs in capitalizing upon their professional skill sets. As an Organizational Behavior & Leadership Expert, she came to the realization that employable talent worldwide can benefit from proper guidance to manifest opportunities aligned with their overall life goals. The strategies presented in this book advocate an effective and efficient approach to attaining better career prospects while building mutually beneficial relationships in the process. She believes that each of us can apply our skill sets in creative ways to attract abundance in our professional and personal lives. Kashing Karma discusses various aspects of ‘we reap what we sow,’ where the vital ingredient of acquiring any significant life goal resides within the personal power that all individuals possess. These tips can also serve to enhance the individual’s ability to pursue the right opportunities in their path, to attract the right people to their network, and to understand how the economic and social environment can accommodate their needs along their professional journey.

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