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"It is given to a woman or man to understand, therefore she or he shall!”--LaiTaras Stokes, August 30, 2015. This book, “Intermolecular Faith: The Treasure of Heaven” was written with many purposes but the one that stands out is to understand one's purpose and the exact way to know the heart and mind of GOD. There is only One GOD, One Lord, and One Faith, and it’s all through Christ Jesus. So to say that it is impossible for one to receive communion or relation with the Lord God, the Creator of the Universe, it would be like saying water could not give nourishment to a plant. You may have seen in the book title that “Intermolecular” is used in describing the Faith. Well as the chapters reflect, the term is descriptive of how our faith moves in The Way of Christ, to grant you access to God’s heart and mind. Through knowing the heart and mind of Christ, your life becomes perfect.This is because you perfectly know every aspect that Abba points out to you. So by restitution, God will make known His desire (heart) and his thoughts (mind) unto you specifically as towards your eternal life purpose; He will not lack in that.
I have been transformed by this peace giving faith which simply is belief that is consistently and precisely as I have chosen. It is stated, “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son” (John 14:13). I ask Father, in Christ name, to reveal to me His heart and mind concerning all His Creation, and because I did so, Christ did it just as He said. May the Father be glorified in the Son! This is truly “The Treasure of Heaven!” I can rest in Him all day long, because He’s in me and trusts me with what He's given unto me. He will do exactly what you ask Him too, if you ask Him!
So, cheers! But this is truly Christmas all over again, everyday! I ask God to make that evident for every believer in His own special way! Amen.
God Bless You! Make the change you desire, in Christ Name!! Amen!

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