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This is the story of how the British, Americans and French Allies controlled the information provided to the German Intelligence Services in WW2 Europe. The Double Cross operations run by MI5 in the UK, and by SIME in the Middle East, at the start of the war were continued on the battlefield with the help of ULTRA, the decryption of the messages sent by the Abwehr and SD.

The story explains the efforts of MI6 to set up a counter espionage organization (Section V), able to work in neutral countries and on the front lines, using Top Secret ULTRA obtained from the code-breakers of the GCCS at Bletchley Park. It also outlines the political infighting between MI5 and MI6 for control of both ULTRA and Counter-Espionage on the battlefield, and covers the development of the X-2 Branch of OSS to handle Counter-Espionage for the Americans through the encouragement of MI6. The work of French Counter-Intelligence in North Africa and France and the control of deception in the Mediterranean by A Force is also covered.

The creation of Special Counter-Intelligence Units to locate, arrest and turn enemy agents in Italy and NW Europe enabled the Allies to send deception information to the German military commanders through controlled radio agents, and to penetrate their services and spy schools with double agents.

A former head of MI6's Counter-Espionage Section has said that no official history of their work was ever produced. This book is probably the closest alternative possible without access to the secret files of MI6.

Written by a former member of the British Intelligence Corps.

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