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There is a superb majesty one sees in the night sky’s panorama of billions upon billions of stars with perhaps untold numbers of other worlds, many probably harboring life. Mathematically inevitable is the fact that some of these have intelligent life. Some of these planets have been around billions of years before our solar system existed. Consider for a moment how advanced some of their technologies might be. Maybe we’ve had or have visitors to our planet. What awesome stores of knowledge could such beings bestow!
One way an advanced tech could pilot across the vast distances of outer space is to utilize time travel as it’s allowed according to Einstein’s laws of Relativity. Some of our own planet’s physicists have said, “actual physical time travel is just around the corner”! Experts and others in the 19th Century, by the way, believed man could not ever fly, and the number one reason cited was that “everyone knows it’s common sense man cannot fly”. A few years later, the Wright brothers proved them all wrong.
In short, to be open to the universe necessitates one be open-minded. Also, while some assume that science or science fiction and poetry don’t mix, I believe this book proves they can. There can be found a kind of sparkling beauty in technology and science. As well, as one gazes into a dazzling starlit sky, our very sky is totally and literally open to the universe. I composed 3 short stories to accompany some of my poems about time travellers and outer space visitors. The poems are a compilation from my 3 previous poetry books, which are, Fire From Starlight, Starfall, and lastly Dream Fire.

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