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Do you need a change in your thinking pattern? This book will assist you with the incredibly Alpha brainwave and explain How To Be A Positive "I CAN" Person concept, which led to the creation of Get Real & Achieve New Dreams (GRAND).
The GRAND Program focuses on altering thought process through powerful brainwave training. This training is valuable to people of all ages. The way we view ourselves, our future and our dreams will have a positive effect when you install this statement in your subconscious mind, repeat it daily. "I believe in myself and my dreams. I am a positive 'I CAN' person.

The author is the creator of the Positive Mind Frames, STOP drug lectures, The song - 'The Police Are On The Street' and a certified police officer in Arkansas and Louisiana-Chief of Police. He is a trained specialist in brainwaves and neuro-feedback. His law enforcement training credentials include certified instructor and numerous enforcement courses concerning Drugs and Alcohol.

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First Edition by BAM
5.5x8.5, Paperback - Perfect Laminate Gloss, White Matte for Premium Color (70#), color interior, 86 pages