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I regularly tell my students the two best occupations in the world are being a student and, slightly less satisfactory, being a teacher. If you are a student long enough, the school will give you a degree before they throw you out. As such I have collected five of them. These were a B.A., M.D., PhD in Physiology, M.B.A. and a M.Div. That’s a lot of time on that side of the classroom. I relished all the coursework.
As a teacher, I enjoyed the University of Minnesota, the University of Virginia, Loyola University of Chicago, University of Chicago, and Samford University, from which I retired last year. This variety gave me the opportunity to teach at nearly every level, beginning with medical students and surgical residents, Master’s students in divinity, and finally philosophy to undergraduates. A great career.
At each of these levels I thought long and hard about education and what characteristics are typical of good education, and what characterize an inadequate program. It is these experiences and ruminations that encourage me to study and write about Laurelwood. I have tried to praise excellence, but from this distance generally be silent about probable deficiencies. I have not been so restrained about other organizations that impinged on Laurelwood and its mission. On the whole, I judge Laurelwood to have enjoyed 80 years of merit and many of those years it was excellent. It has been a joy to learn about it.

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