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You have in your hands more than a book, it’s a discovery system created with you in mind. The ME Designbook is a literary burst of creativity and innovation. It is an intro into the world of human motivational design. The content presented in it has been formatted and customized to create a dynamic discovery and learning experience. It has been written as an interactive tool and resource that can be referenced over and over again. The way you think about the world will change forever as you learn about the seven motivational components we are comprised of. There are over 5,040 different motivational designs. Which one are you? This and many more questions about who you are and why you do what you do, will be answered. You are amazing! Its time to discover and explore your “amazing”. There has never been a better time to optimize your
potential than now.
You were designed with a purpose and on purpose.

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First Edition
PDF eBook
10x7.5, 250 pages