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From figurative, deep, dark wells to clouds of ecstasy on high — this book contains poems which run the gamut from autumn shadows to exhilarating fountains blue. Therefore, the title J.K. Faught has chosen for this book uses two opposite metaphors that encompass the broad spectrum of his poems’ subjects dealt with herein.
To a large degree many of Faught’s poems aspire to meaningful drama and/or sometimes transcendent beauty. They are crafted to be best read aloud, just as music has to be heard to best be appreciated. In fact, no less of a luminary than Edgar Allan Poe said “poetry is akin to music”. So, please read or recite and enjoy as mysterious autumn shadows slowly overtake the scenery, or as sparkling, blue fountains shoot blue streams of water skyward!
The poems in this book are categorized into six sections in order to help the reader find what sort of subject he or she wishes to enjoy. For instance Section I is Sparkling Starlight, etc.

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